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Fund Raising

Fund availability is crucial for the growth and eventual success of any company. A startup looks forward to seed fund to turn its idea into actual business offering. And with decent success, founders look for next rounds of funding to keep up with growth and refinement of the product/offering. We help start-ups put together a decent proposition in place, to start with – which might include an Investor deck, pitch refinement, validation of market potential, positioning & competitive analysis and getting the valuation done. In the next step we connect with relevant investors, go through the whole process of presentations & discussion, and try to get an investor for funding. We also help with negotiation on fund allocation pattern and stakes to be diluted.

While the start-up story of fund raising challenges is something we are all aware of; the story of SMB’s facing a much more critical fund situation is not widely known. In most examples, these SMB’s grow to a certain level, owing to founder’s idea, hard work and vision but find it difficult to break into the big league. There could be numerous reasons for that but fundamentally the major reason is their sole focus on day to day business, converting the opportunities at hand and generating maximum revenues & profits. What they miss out on is making their product or solution future ready and more importantly, investing into skilled workforce, especially at the leadership level. And the moment SMB’s realize this, and it mostly happens when their sales & revenue figures start dipping, the founders start looking for growth funds. But the prospective investors are way too apprehensive for this risk and show little interest. We help SMB’s put together an impressive Investor deck and take the proposition to relevant investors. EZY Consult team work with the company founders through the complete process of fund raising.